Oyster Farm Tours

Join us aboard the Pamela B. for an amazing evening boat ride on Casco Bay! We will visit one of the Bay’s award-winning oyster farms, sample the freshest oysters direct from the sea paired with a glass of wine or local microbrew. Learn from experts about the value of oysters for their extraordinary contribution to mitigate climate change and why they taste so darn good!

Our current list of oyster farms we visit:

Love Point Oysters

Love Point Oysters is a small farm located in Harpswell, Maine where we proudly farm world-class oysters to highlight our inherent love of the natural world. Our oysters are carefully cultivated for over two years while they grow in the clean, cold waters of Casco Bay. Our oysters never touch the seafloor; instead they live in floating oyster bags where they are gently tumbled by rolling waves moving through the bay to develop deep cups and full meats. Our sustainable husbandry method ensures a reliable supply of oysters that are fresh and elaborate. Love Points are distinctively bright, briny, and balanced.

Mere Point Oyster Company

Nurtured in the rolling waters of pristine Mere Point, Maquoit & Middle Bays, our medium sized oysters present a crisp, dense meat with high salinity and a clean bright finish. From nursery to harvest , they are grown in these nutrient rich bays where large tidal exchanges offer a diverse variety of phytoplankton for healthy growth, and colder waters for shell strength and excellent plump meats. Combined with multiple handling’s in the tumbler and hand selection, Mere Points come to harvest with strong beautiful shells, durability, and a classic Maine brininess.

Tours offered Friday & Saturday evening beginning mid – June – mid – October 

Time: 5:30 – 8:00 PM* 

Fall Tour Hours begin 9/18/21 through 10/9/21

3:30 – 6:00 PM*

Adults $58

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(*times subject to change)

NEW! Oyster Farm Tour – 2021 Summer Popups

Seacoast Tours will be working closely with Mere Point Oyster Company and The Highroller Lobster Company to provide an authentic Maine experience. Hop on board matey so that Captain Peter and his trusty crew can serve up your favorite beer or wine while giving you the full tour of Casco Bay, Maquoit Bay and Mere Point Oyster Farm.

Learn more about the 2021 Summer Popups!